Las Vegas Raiders StadiumRepublicans in Nevada discuss the NFL’s approval of a plan to move the Raiders from their longtime home in Oakland to Las Vegas. It’s one of the most surprising events of the last year. Although the move had been speculated for quite some time, few thought that it would actually come to pass.

Now that the move is set in stone, residents of the Las Vegas Valley are starting to weigh the pros and cons of having a pro football stadium in their backyard, particularly in relation to the area’s economy. Learn about the economic benefits and disadvantages of Las Vegas Raiders’ Stadium.


Public Money

The biggest disadvantage of moving the Raiders to Las Vegas is that their new stadium will be built primarily using public money. Raiders’ Stadium is projected to cost $1.9 billion to build. The Nevada state legislature voted to pay $750 million towards the building of the stadium, which is the most public money ever given to an NFL franchise by a state government. While citizens in other states have said that the investment is worth it, many Nevada citizens and Republicans in Las Vegas are understandably concerned about an additional tax for their new sports team.



Although there are certainly disadvantages to building the new stadium in Las Vegas, there are also many economic advantages to having a professional sports franchise in the state. The primary advantage of having the Raiders’ relocate to the area is tourism.


With one of the longest, most storied histories in the NFL, the Raiders have an enthusiastic fan base. This means that the Las Vegas area can expect to see an influx of tourists during the football season. More tourism means more support for local businesses and an improved Nevada economy.


Job Opportunities

Another advantage of the Las Vegas Raiders’ Stadium will be increased opportunity for anyone in the area around the stadium. For instance, football stadiums require large staffs to function effectively. These concession, security and ushering jobs will all be available to citizens of Las Vegas.


In addition, when a new football stadium is built around the city, it’s common for the area around the stadium to experience a large amount of economic investment. This means new businesses and restaurants, and an increase in jobs. According to Las Vegas Review-Journal, Wynn Chairman and CEO Steve Wynn will begin to create a 20-acre lagoon in early 2018.


Discuss the Issue with Nevada Conservatives

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