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Highlights from President Trump’s First Speech to Congress

To close out his first month as the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump addressed Congress for the very first time. In this speech, President Trump demonstrated exactly why millions of Americans casted their ballot for him last November. Lasting a little over an hour, the President’s speech focused on his agenda for the next eight years and how he plans to make America great again.

If you were unable to watch President Trump’s historic speech, read some of the highlights to learn exactly how the President plans to help everyday Americans. Here are some highlights from President Trump’s first Congressional speech that should excite conservatives in Nevada and Nevada Re


The main focus of President Trump’s inspiring speech was to reiterate his plans to reform the economy so that it works for Americans and not foreign countries.


First, the President discussed his plans to promote competition by reducing the onerous corporate tax rate and to relieve the tax burden of the middle class. The President then transitioned into his goal to reform trade so that it works for America, emphasizing his belief that free trade must be fair trade.


With the economic reforms proposed in this speech, Americans can expect renewed prosperity and a brighter future for all.



Conservatives in Nevada and across the country know how disastrous Obamacare has been for healthcare, and a major portion of President Trump’s speech was focused on how to replace Obamacare with a system that works.


The plan for healthcare outlined by President Trump in his speech was based on improving healthcare by reducing government intervention. For example, the President proposed allowing Americans to use tax credits and healthcare savings accounts to purchase the insurance coverage that best fits them, and not one mandated by the government.


Other proposals were centered on returning healthcare power to the states by allowing citizens to purchase insurance across state lines and providing governors increased flexibility in how Medicaid resources are spent.


Immigration and Crime

Like most Americans, a primary concern of President Trump is our lax immigration laws and how this affects crime nationwide. The President briefly explained his ideas for fixing these issues in his speech to Congress.


When it comes to immigration reform, President Trump renewed his commitment to his detain and deport approach to illegal immigration and expressed his support of an immigration system that is based on merit. He also remained strong in his desire to build a protective wall along the southern border.


Nevada Republicans will also be pleased to learn that the President stated his desire to create a task force meant to reduce violent crime in failing cities like Chicago.


Support Conservatives in Nevada

By every metric, President Trump’s first speech to Congress was a tremendous success, clearly detailing his vision for a better, stronger America. If you want to help President Trump achieve his vision, then you need to work with conservatives in Nevada by joining the Nevada Republican Men’s Club.


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