nevada republican men's club Is Nevada a Democratic State Now and Forever?

In one of the most important elections in the history of the country, Nevada, usually a solid conservative state, turned blue and voted for Hillary Clinton. Even though Donald Trump won the election, it’s important to dissect the election and find out why so many Nevada citizens decided to vote for Democratic Candidates.

Republicans got their clocks cleaned in November’s elections in the Federal races by candidates backed by the Harry “Reid Machine.” This machine is fueled by the Culinary union whose influence is widely felt in Clark County. Democrat Catherine Cortez-Masto defeated Rep. Joe Heck for the U.S. Senate seat from which Reid retired. Reid-endorsed candidate Jacky Rosen also defeated Republican Danny Tarkanian after Rep. Joe Heck left his Congressional seat to run for U.S. Senate. Republican Representative Crescent Hardy was also taken out by another Reid-endorsed Democrat candidate, Nevada Senator Ruben Kihuen. The state races proved just as tough as the Nevada State Senate swung to the Democrats control by an 11-10 majority. The Republicans also lost 10 Assembly seats giving Democrats a 27-15 majority in the Assembly.

Fortunately, despite the results of the last election, there is no indication Nevada will remain a Blue state now and forever. In fact, with the right strategy, it is possible to turn Nevada back to its conservative principles. Learn more about the political future of Nevada and how you can help turn this state back to Red by joining the Nevada Republican Men’s Club.

Reach Out to Non-Partisan and Unregistered Voters

Possibly the biggest reason that the Democratic Party was able to turn Nevada Blue in the last election was the fact that there were 90,000 more registered Democrats in the state than Republicans. While these numbers are somewhat unsettling, it’s actually quite easy to turn the tide so that Nevada goes Red in the future.

First, there are hundreds of thousands of unregistered voters who believe in conservative principles, and finding these people and registering them to vote is a great way to lead the Republican Party to victory. Secondly, there were also more than 300,000 non-partisan voters. If even just a few thousand of those people could be convinced to switch their affiliation to the Republican Party, it will be much easier to flip the state in the future.

Don’t Concede the Cities

Notwithstanding these gloomy returns, most of the state voted Republican. Clark County, (Las Vegas) the largest voting geographic area, was the exception and is most influenced by the Reid Machine. One of the mistakes that the Republican Party makes when trying to win elections is conceding the major metropolitan areas to Democrats. While it’s true that cities tend to be where liberals congregate, there are more conservative in those areas than you might think, giving the Republican Party an opportunity to expand their influence.

If the Republican Party were able to chip away at Clark County, it would make it almost impossible for Democrats to win the state of Nevada. Although it is important for the Nevada Republican Party to continue focusing on the rural voters that are the foundation of the state, making inroads into the cities is a great way to turn Nevada Red again.

Talk to Minority Voters

Nearly half of all voters in the state of Nevada are non-white, and the majority of those voters cast their ballots for the Democratic candidate in any given election. However, minority voters actually share a lot of common ground with the Republican Party, which is why outreach to minority voters is so important for the future of conservatism in Nevada.

With the right outreach strategy, the Republican Party can flip one of the most solid liberal voting blocks, making future Nevada elections more competitive and more likely to go in favor of the conservative candidate.

Keep Up Our Support of Veterans

Our Club is very committed to improving the lives and conditions for our veterans. This is a core value we share. We admire their service and treasure them. More conservative candidates are the people who can help us achieve this goal. We should encourage Veterans to support more conservative candidates in the future and even run for office. In fact, our current candidate for Mayor of the City of Henderson is Veteran Rick Workman.

Work with the Republican Men’s Club

Although Nevada went Blue in this last election, that’s no indication that it will remain a Democratic state forever. If you want to ensure that Nevada is governed with conservative principles, you should fight to turn the state Red by joining the Nevada Republican Men’s Club.

By joining the Nevada Republican Men’s Club you’ll be doing your part to fight for freedom and America’s future. Contact us today for more information.