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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Guest Speaker

John Tsarpalas, President NPRI. Nevada Policy Research Institute

Happy Holidays and May you and yours have a wonderful New Year!

I still remember quite fondly the first time I attended a Club luncheon. Phil Perine (who then happened to be the President of the Club) encouraged me repeatedly and enthusiastically to attend one of the Club's luncheons. As a conservative, I wanted to learn more about public policies, share different viewpoints and become more active in learning about Republican candidates and state-wide legislation. However, I was unaware that any conservative clubs or organizations existed in Las Vegas. Until I met Phil Perine. I met Phil Perine at a Duke Alumni Club gathering and we discovered we had much in common. We both attended USC and Duke University, either for undergraduate or graduate degrees. We both loved Duke basketball. Upon his recommendation back in 2011, I attended my first luncheon and was greeted warmly by many of the members and attendees. Many of the members were women (even though "men's" was in the Club name) and I have enjoyed the Club's monthly gatherings of energetic members since then. I enjoyed the monthly luncheons so much that I ran for the Club Board, became an officer and ultimately, was elected President in December 2017. The point of this "journey down memory lane" is that our Club membership is fundamentally based on friendship. The lifeblood of our Club is based on membership and we can only grow our membership if you become more engaged in sharing the Club with your friends and fellow conservatives. We provide monthly networking opportunities among friends who share a passion for conservative values and a relentless desire for inquiry. We also provide the most up to date information in our newsletters, blogs, website, Twitter and Facebook feeds. And of course, we are now offering travel benefits for our members starting at the end of January. We hope that you find our monthly luncheons to be valuable -- valuable enough to share with your friends and colleagues. So please be sure to become a member - or renew your membership - so that the Club can continue its focus on informative luncheons, networking with Republican candidates and supporting conservative values.

See you at our next Luncheon!

With respect,
Pauline Lee