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First Friday Happy Hour Las Vegas’ Best Happy Hour for Conservatives

First Friday is Back!
Fri, 6 July, 2018 In the Copa Room at The Bootlegger Italian Bistro


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Guest Speakers

Karen Gray and Niger Innis

President’s Message – April 2018

At the April Luncheon, the Men’s Club was proud to welcome U.S. Senator Dean Heller as our guest speaker.  As expected, due to the popularity of Dean Heller, the Luncheon was sold out!  By the Friday prior to our Luncheon, we had over-sold tickets to our Luncheon.  With the limited capacity of 165 seats, we, as a Board, made a decision not to allow media so that our Members would have the chance to personally meet and greet Senator Heller and so that we could conduct an orderly dining service with our over-capacity crowd. Contrary to accusations by the suspicious press, Senator Heller’s campaign did not make any request to stifle the media.  Rather, it was a decision made by a private club to protect its members and allow its members to personally meet and ask questions of the senior Senator.  The press, particularly the Review-Journal, has made much ado about nothing; going so far as to resort to cyberespionage tactics to record the Senator in his presentation to our private club in spite of clear comments that recordings were not permitted.  Is the Press so desperate for attention and lacking in newsworthy material that it feels compelled to crash the Mens Club’s private event?  We recognize that an informed media is important to our political process.  However, we will permit media to attend our future events as space and other considerations permit.

We look forward to our CD-4 Forum featuring candidates David Gibbs, Crescent Hardy and Jeff Miller at our next luncheon on May 1. We invite all of our members and their guests to register for this event before April 29.  To the extent that there is an empty seat, we welcome the media to attend this event.

Republican candidate events are happening all the time and we hope you will visit our new Google Calendar on this website so you can stay informed on what is happening in Southern Nevada.

See you at our next Luncheon!

Respectfully yours,  Pauline Ng Lee President